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【動画あり】 カービィのウィリーのようなバイクが開発される!来年発売予定


更新日2017-03-29 20:14:00

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1 ◆zzzbb2c.e6 (東京都) :2011/09/10(土) 01:26:25.83 ID:ZSJ9oXYM0

Micro-Cycle looks like a cross between a motorcycle and a Segway
9 September 2011future tech, hmm..interesting

I’ve always had a strange fascination with unicycles. It just seems amazing that
anyone could keep upright on one for any extended length of time. I even found one at
a garage sale when I was a kid. After many hours and lots of scrapes, I still
couldn’t find the balance to stay on it for more than a very short time. Well soon,
I’ll be able to ride a unicycle at speeds up to 20mph.

Ryno Motors is working on an electric bike, which has only a single wheel. Looking
very much like the front part of a motorcycle, this vehicle can travel up to 30 miles
on a single charge. The company is still working on getting them produced, but they
are hoping to sell them for around $4,200 sometime next year.


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